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I was born in Istanbul, 1975. After getting education Graphic Design and Visual Communications, In year 1999 I’ve started working in my home office as a freelance graphic designer. I first met with Video after installing assembly line schedule to my computer in year 2000, at first it was all about short video loops that I created, and then I added some music and started my VJing carrier. In those days no one else was VJing in Turkey so I had the chance to stand out in most of the Festivals, Clubs and special nights. Instead of using software, I used analog video mixers in my live visual performances. This way I had my own style in a short while. By doing that, I had the chance to work with; The Chemical Brothers, Sasha, Fluke, Carl Cox, Steve Lawler, Bony M, Nick Warren and many more...


ЯR -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In year 2003, I created a video for an electronic music band called Calaquendi. The feedback about this video was more than I’ve ever expected, so I started shooting music videos.


ЯR -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After working with several artists around the world, a mash-up video of Sezen Aksu & Prodigy that I created in 2007 for MTV Turkey, brought me “The Trend Video of the Year” Award.


ЯR -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In year 2008, my first important installation effectuated in Taksim Metro Station known as the most crowded metro station in Istanbul, by the name “ Deference to the Difference”.


ЯR -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I’m making live visuals for an ethnic electronic music band named “Istanbul Calling” as a permanent member. I like nature, animals, to joy ride and reggae music…


Efe Işıldaksoy aka rastarules


ЯR -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Music videos directed by Efe Isildaksoy ;


- Calaquendi - Call a candy (2003)

- Dj Sultan - Together we rise (2006)

- Dj Tarkan & Dammex feat. Cagri Eralp - In a dreram (2008)

- Cypress Hill & Mogollar mash up - Süreyya in the brain (2008)

- Sezen Aksu & Prodigy mash up - Gamsiz power (2008)

- Demirayak - The last green (2008)

- Demirayak - Neverland (2008)

- Demirayak - The world hunters (2008)

- Demirayak - Dailys of Malazgirt (2008)

- Demirayak - Back to Anatolia (2008)

- Demirayak - The black castle (2008)

- Demirayak - Dream machine (2008)

- Demirayak - 7000 years ago (2008)

- Demirayak - Trouble in heaven (2008)

- Demirayak - The last water (2008)

- Demirayak - Letter from Akroenos (2008)

- Melis Sökmen - Gemiler (2008)

- Ertug - Yola devam (2008)

- Berksan - Zaaf (2009)

- Badem - Geceyedir Küsmelerim (Art Director) (2009)

- DJ Tarkan - Deep Dive in İstanbul (2009)

- Dj Tarkan - Saltwater (2012)


ЯR -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The artists whom I have performed live visuals are :


*The Chemical Brothers

*Carl Cox


*Seb Fontaine

*Scsi 9


*Ellen allien and apparat

*Dominic B


*James Holyroyd

*Sister Bliss

*John Graham


*Brenda Russel

*Jamie Anderson

*Andy Jarrod

*Dj Taj

*Jerry Bonham

*Jan Carbon

*Jimmy Van M

*Lee Burridge

*Neil Anthony

*Paul Woolford

*Darren Amerson

*Steve Lawler

*Danny Howells

*Yuri Mrakade

*Bony M

*Burhan Öcal

*Satoshi Tomiie


*Kenan Dogulu


*Sigue sigue spupnik

*Nick Warren

*Lemon 8


*Rebel Moves

*Istanbul Calling


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other :


* Video performances at all Urban Bug events between 2003 - 2004 and 2 Bug Hole Festivals


* Video performances at Reactor System Parties which are organised by ddf.


* Video performances at 2004 Voleyball World Champion Ship after parties.


* Personal video performances at Roxy Club with Dj Mabbas concept named drop.


* Video performances at World Rally Championship after parties. (Antalya)


* Video performance at Roxy Club closing party at Yeni Melek concert hall.


* Video performance at Kenan Dogulu album release party.


* Turkeys first video art program for Dream TV (6 different concept programs each program is 1 hour).


* Video art dvd for Radio FG events.


* Video performances at Bodrum Dodo Beach parties.


* Video performance at Insomniac Festivals.01/02


* Video art performance at Republic Club.


* Video art performance at Burn Energy Drink Turkey tour at Ankara ,Istanbul, Eskisehir, Izmir.


* Video art performance for Istanbul Calling concert at Bebek Festival 2006.


* Video art performance at Radarlive 2006/2007


* Video art performance for Istanbul Calling concert at Walzwerk Münchenstein / Switzerland Stimmen Festival 2008


* Video art performance for Istanbul Calling concert at Babel Med, Marseille, France 2009


* Video art performance for Istanbul Calling concert at Festival Les Nuits Européennes/Offenburg/Germany 2009


* Video art performance for Istanbul Calling concert at Babel Med, Marseille, France 2010